Sexy Text Messages

Use sexy text messages if you want to turn on a woman you know who has some interest in you. It's not hard. Just make sure her boyfriend or husband is not around.

I haven't tried any of these on women. Whatever you do use though is your responsibility.

  • Roses are red, violets are blue. I want to pick you up, but got no clue.

  • My finger tips are lightly stroking your entire body leaving a fuzzy & warm sensation. But of course you have to be with me for it to happen.

  • What’s the definition of be? In my bed.

  • There’s a sweet couple & it’s you and me. There you go. I was sweet.. Now let’s go to bed!

  • You mean the world to me.. and I can't afford it!

  • God offered me a raise for loving you but I refused. I’m already making a high wage + sex all week. No job can beat that!

  • I love your face. It’s a great place for my lips to hang around.

  • If I was a tear in your eye, I would be able to roll down to your lips. Instead, I’d roll down to your boob. It’s a tougher task.

  • I got arrested last night for being in love. Come bail me out. You can find me at my house.

  • Send me a text or you won't be spanked.

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