Really Mean Insults

This is a top secret page with my really mean insults. Each one is listed under the appropriate section. Everything you use on people is your responsibility.

Person states you two have met before

  • Sure we have.. It was on stage at the circus.

  • I remember you.. You're the one who got bad mouthed by a 10 year old.

  • You're from the haunted house. What I didn't realize was you never wore a mask.

Introduction - You start the talking.

  • Hi, I'm a good looking person. What are you?

Someone is yelling or complaining to you about something.

  • Save your breath. It's needed to scare your date.

  • All of your complaining is making me feel life is worth living.

Joking to someone about how ugly they are.

  • Calling you ugly would be the most accurate thing I've said.

  • People would love to have a hunting license when they see you.

  • There are rumors you entered a haunted house and got a raise. I wish I had that ability.

Woman complains about missing a spot when shaving.

  • The lesson is next time you shave, use something which actually cuts the hair.

Woman complaining about being like her mom.

  • One way to be different is by using birth control.

  • You are like your mom. The only difference is she shaves and you don't.

Making comments about a woman

  • You got less curves than a Nascar racetrack.

Man bragging about how cool he is.

  • I'll give you a difficult task. Go find yourself an ugly date.

  • Find a friend who cares. Better yet, find a friend.

Really Mean Insults