Funny Phone Messages

Creating funny phone messages is fun.

A friend, loved one or someone you want is calling right now. The moment you answer the phone, what do you say?


The interesting thing is that’s what everyone who speaks English says. Want some ideas on what else you can say for call answering?

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Now what happens when you're calling someone’s cell and reach their voicemail? You will either hang up or leave a message. What most people do is say their name, why they’re calling and to give a call back. Want some crazy and spontaneous ideas?

Check out the Funny Phone Messages

And do you have a voicemail message you’d love to change? If you use your cell number on resumes or have any important people calling, I don't recommend these. But if it's a personal number used for entertainment purposes only, then great!

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I find mastering this stuff can really make a positive impact on your social life. Of course you won't know unless you try it.

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