Funny Insults

People who use funny insults get laid. Do I need to say more?

funny insults

I find using this stuff is necessary because

  • Everyone needs to stand up for themselves.
  • It shows you are a tough person who doesn’t back down.
  • It helps you get noticed by crowds.

Using these does not bring the best out of people. Some people do get offended and that’s why they should be more on the funny than offensive side. Every insult you use on someone is your responsibility.

I have used a few in the past and got people offended. I learned from my mistakes and made some lines which bring the better side out of people. The point is not everyone has a sense of humor. Some people may not respond to a line as well as others.

The following are for entertainment purposes only. You're responsible for the lines you use on anyone.

Funny Insults

Funny Comebacks

Always stick up for yourself. When you are seen as a weak person mentally, everyone else will view the same about you. That's where these come in place.

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