Funny Easter Poems

Here's one of many funny Easter poems. This one I will be reading on Easter day when the relatives are over. Yes I am crazy for doing it, but you get to read about it after the day passes. The results will be posted here!

  • Welcome everyone
    This is my edition
    Of the yearly tradition
    Many call Easter

    I thank you for coming
    Would you please stop humming?
    If you want to make some noise
    Go bug the neighbor

    Today for lunch
    You’ll be eating food
    That may be a fun experience
    If you’re in the right mood

    After lunch we’ll eat dessert
    It’ll be a chocolate bunny
    I didn’t get a real one
    Since that would be just too funny

    So have a good time
    Be on your best behavior
    If you cause a mess
    I'll charge you a dime

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