Funny Door Signs

Here are a bunch of random homemade funny door signs I've used.

Girlfriend Is Coming Over!

I already told her on the phone what to do when she arrives.

"My bedroom!"

I know.. I don't waste any time. As she arrived to my bedroom, she saw the door closed and...

funny door signs

She laughed, walked in and said "You're too cute!"

I replied "Well.. Duh!"

Ever Wanted To Scare Your Parents?

I love freaking them out about something which isn't true.

funny door sign

When I got home late on a Saturday night, I taped the sign to my bedroom door then went to sleep.

The parents got up before me (not surprising), saw the sign, freaked and checked for damage immediately.

Then they woke me up and gave me crap.

They're so mean :(

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Funny Door Signs